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Legal Education for African Citizens

Justice Today is a mobile application that protects citizens from crime and utilizes artificial intelligence to educate citizens on the steps to take when victimized. The platform also allows citizens to report crime in real time

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Artificial Intelligence

Through the integration of a ChatBot, Justice Today utilises artificial intelligence to educacte citizens on crime related issues and enabling them to ask questions in real time. The chatbot allows users to ask questions and get answers instantly.

Find a Lawyer

Easy access to lawyers and law firms in their relevent area of practise. Users are able to contact laywers directly through their email, mobile and website.


Real Time Reports

With the report button you can quickly add a specific report in real time. The reports are automatically linked to the related department depending on the type of crime you are reporting. .

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Justice Today is a Mobile Application is available for Android and iOS devices. Go ahead and download the application today!!!!

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